Elective Residence Visa in Italy.

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Elective Residence Visa in Italy.









Foreign people can legally reside in Italy without exercising any job. In fact, many foreigners live in Italy with a elective residence permit, that is different from the other kinds of permits.

The foreigner must demonstrate adequate and documented assurances about the availability of a dwelling in Italy to be elected as a residence. In addition, the applicant must demonstrate sufficient economic means. These means must be legal, stable and regular. For example, they may come from the ownership of large incomes (pensions, annuities), properties or stable economic activities.

Also the spouse and the dependent relatives of the foreigner may have the elective residence permit, provided that the applicant demonstrates sufficient economic means for their maintenance.

The application can be deposited in the Italian Embassy or directly in Italy (only if the applicant has already a different residence permit). If the application is made through the Italian embassies or consulates, the visa office will issue a visa for elective residence; once in Italy, within 8 days the applicant must apply for the elective residence permit.

If the Visa office rejects the application and refuses to issue the visa, the applicant may appeal the refusal before the court within 60 days. The assistance of a lawyer is required by law.

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