Lawyers in Italy: what is a rissa?

The crime of affray in the Italian Criminal Code.

Lawyers in Italy: what is a rissa?









Italian Law defines rissa as taking part in an affrey. Pursuant to Article 588 of the Italian Criminal Code, an individual who participates in an affray is punishable with a fine of up to € 309. If someone is killed or injured in a fight, the penalty for the mere fact of participation in the fight, shall be the imprisonment from three months to five years. The same penalty applies if the death or personal injury occurs immediately after the affray and in consequence of it.

A rissa requires the participation of at least three litigants and the existence of multiple fronts of assault with a mutual intention of violating their personal safety.

The crime of rissa is configured even when the fight takes place by throwing objects, rather than the personal contact. 

The provocation does not constitute a mitigating circumstance.

In the case of disturbance to the sporting events, the crime of rissa is one of those offenses for which it is permitted the arrest without "flagrante delicto"condition.

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