Italian lawyers for U.S. citizens in Italy

Legal advice for Americans in Italy

Italian lawyers for U.S. citizens in Italy









Through our head office in Rome, we provide legal services to United States citizens.

Our lawyers are English speaking professionals.

We are able to advise and represent you before all courts and authorities of Italy, in cases concening private, business and criminal law:

- Enforcement of U.S. judgments in Italy
- Enforcement of Italian judgments in the United States
- Commercial Law
- Debt recovery
- Tax Law
- Corporate Crimes
- Family Law
- Divorce between Italians and U.S. citizens
- International Child Abduction
- Last will and testament in Italy
- Testament of Italian citizen in the United States
- Car Accident in Italy
- Claims for damages in Italy
- Medical malpractice in Italy
- Immigration and Emigration
- Criminal Law
- Drug Crimes
- Money laundering
- Extradition
- Transfer of Sentenced Persons

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