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The European Court of Human Rights condemned Italy.

Italian lawyers for prisoners in Italy









The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg condemned Italy for the inhuman and degrading treatment of seven prisoners detained in Italian prisons. Italy will have to compensate the detainees with a total sum of 100.000 euro.

The main reasons that led to the condemnation are: the small sizes of the cells, the small spaces reserved for each convict (less than three square meters), the deficiency of heating and electricity.

This is the second time that Italy is condemned by Strasbourg for holding prisoners in cells too small. The first time was in July of 2009 and concerned a convict in the prison of Rebibbia in Rome. After this first sentence Italy has developed the "Prisons Plan" for the construction of new prisons, but no progress has been made.

Currently, more than 500 appeals have been filed before the European Court against the overcrowding in Italian prisons. For this reason, the Strasbourg court calls on Italy to adopt (within one year) an internal procedure that will enable the prisoners to denounce their living conditions in prisons before the Italian courts and get compensation for the violation of their rights.

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