Visa refusal appeal in Italy.

How to win a visa denial appeal in Italy.

Visa refusal appeal in Italy.









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In recent years, immigration laws of European Union have become very strict. Also a visa for a short tourism stay or a business trip could become a complicated thing. Italian embassies and consulates are increasingly reluctant to grant Schengen visas, because the risk of illegal immigration is very high.

However, in many cases the decisions of the embassies and consulates are absolutely wrong and many genuine visa applications of honest citizens from Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Ghana, Morocco, Philippines, etc., are systematically rejected.

Against the decision of the Italian Embassy, ​​the foreign applicant can appeal within 60 days to the TAR of Lazio, that's the Italian administrative court based in Rome.

The applicant needs the assistance of an Italian lawyer to appeal the visa refusal (the representation of a lawyer is required by law), because according to Italian law the applicant can't appeal personally. Only the Italian lawyers can submit the appeals before the Italian courts.

In order to win an appeal against an unfair refusal of visa, you must contact an Italian lawyer very quickly, explaining all the details of your case. 

Santaniello & Partners is an Italian Law Firm very well experienced with visa refusal appeals. Our main office is in Rome and all our professionals are English speaking lawyers.

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