The T.A.R. of Lazio on Visa denials issued by Embassies and Consulates of Italy

The judgments of the Regional Administrative Court about Visa refusal

The T.A.R. of Lazio on Visa denials issued by Embassies and Consulates of Italy









The Administrative Regional Court of Lazio, based in Rome, has annulled a tourist visa denial issued by the General Consulate of Italy in Casablanca against a Moroccan citizen who wanted to come to Italy to spend his summer holidays.

The denial was issued because the Consulate believed there was a risk of legal immigration, but the TAR of Lazio has decided to accept the appeal, because the applicant was in possession of all the requirements established by law, such as flight and hotel reservations, travel medical insurance, adequate economic means, etc.

Moreover, the reason given by the consulate with the letter of denial was insufficient, as well as the reasons given by the Consulate and Ministry of Foreign Affairs during the process. Therefore, as well as on previous judgments, the Court has established that the denial must be always justified, except for reasons of public order.

The court also ordered the authorities to compensate the economic losses caused by the unfair denial.

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