Italian lawyers for foreign nationals against Italian Embassy and Consulate

Appeal for Visa refusal in Italy

Italian lawyers for foreign nationals against Italian Embassy and Consulate









If you are on this page, it's because your Visa application was rejected by the Italian Embassy or Consulate in Pakistan, India, Philippines, Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, Egypt, South Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, etc.

Probably on your denial's letter there are the following reasons for the refusal:

1) "you have not shown to have sufficient means of subsistence, either for the duration of stay or the return into your country of origin of residence, or for a transit towards a third conutry where your admission is guaranteed, or you are not able to legally obtain such means";

2) "you have not proved to possess an adequate and valid travel health insurance";

3) " the information provided to justify the purpose and conditions of the expected stay are not reliable";

4) "your intention to leave the territory of Member States before the expiry of the visa cannot be assured".

As indicated by the letter of refusal, "against the denial you can submit an appeal to the Regional Administrative Court of Lazio (TAR of Lazio based in Rome), within 60 days and with the assistance of a lawyer".

If you need our help to appeal the decision of the Italian consular office, don't hesitate to contact us (Lawyers in Rome)

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