Appeal against Visa refusal in Italy.

The assistance of an Italian lawyer is required by law. The foreigner can't appeal by himself.

Appeal against Visa refusal in Italy.









According to Italian Law, the refusal of an entry visa by Italian embassy or consulate can be appealed to the Regional Administrative Court of Lazio located in Rome. If you think it is an unfair denial, you have the right to appeal up to 60 days after the notification of the denial. The assistance of a lawyer is required by law.

Only the Italian lawyers can appeal your refusal before the T.A.R. of Lazio. You can't do it by yourself, because only the Italian lawyers can represent you before the court during the public hearings in Rome. If you write personally to the court, your letter is not an appeal and you'll never get an answer.

The foreign lawyers are not authorized before the Italian courts. You need an Italian lawyer to appeal your refusal of visa. A lawyer of your country can't represent you before the Italian courts, nor by correspondence, nor personally in Italy. If a lawyer of your country send a letter to the Court, this letter is not an appeal, he'll never get an answer and you lose your right to appeal.

If you want to successfully appeal a denial of a visa and you need an Italian lawyer, don't hesitate to contact us

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