Appeal against elective residence visa refusal in Italy.

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Appeal against elective residence visa refusal in Italy.









The foreign citizens with sufficient economic means can reside in Italy without the need to exercise a work. They only need to demonstrate an accomodation to be elected as residence in Italy (it's not necessary to be the owner of the accomodation) and the required economic means (more or less 31.000 euro). 

About the economic means, the applicant must to demonstrate that its incomes are legal, regular and stable (such as a pension, annuity, etc).

The application must be submitted to the Italian embassy or consulate in the country where the applicant reside. For example, the U.S. citizens can apply to the Italian consulate in New York, Miami, San Francisco, or Canadians may apply to the Italian consulates in Toronto and Montreal.

Unfortunally, not all applications are accepted. In fact, the Italian consulates refuse the visa when the applicant cannot demonstrate to have the requirements provided by law. But, many times the Italian consulates are wrong, because they refuse the visa despite the applicant has all requirements.

Against the refusal of visa, the applicant can appeal before the T.A.R. of Lazio (the Administrative court, based in Rome, competent for the appeals against the Italian embassies). The assistance of an Italian lawyer is necessary, because the applicant cannot appeal personally and the foreign lawyers are not authorized to exercise in Italy (there are many agencies on internet who provide for legal services in Italy, but they don't have any authorization in Italy and all their actions will not have any effect in Italy).

We are an Italian law firm, based in Rome. Our professionals are Italian and authorized to practice before the Italian courts. If you need our assistance in order to appeal the denial of elective residence visa, don't hesitate to contact us (click here).

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