Acquisition of Italian citizenship through marriage

How to get Italian citizenship by marriage

Acquisition of Italian citizenship through marriage









According to Italian Law n. 91 of Febrary 5, 1992, the foreign spouse of an Italian citizen may apply for Italian citizenship.

There are some basic requirements to obtain citizenship through marriage:

1) the foreign spouse must have two years of legal residence in Italy after the wedding (one year if the spouses have a child);

2) if the foreign spouse lives abroad, he needs to wait for three years after the wedding (1 year and half if the couple has a child);

3) the marriage must be valid and it should not be dissolved before the issuance of citizenship;

4) a clean criminal record (with some exceptions);

5) the foreigner must not represent a danger to the security of the Italian Republic.

At the time of citizenship's decree, the marriage must be current, so the citizenship cannot be granted in cases of separation, divorce or dead of a spouse.

The minor children living with the parent that acquires or reacquires Italian citizenship, also acquires the citizenship, but when they have legal age they may renounce if they have another citizenship.

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