Appeal against the Consulate General of Italy in Lagos.

TAR Lazio suspends the visa refusal issued by the Italian consulate in Lagos.

Appeal against the Consulate General of Italy in Lagos.









The Regional Administrative Court of Lazio accepted the request to suspend the refusal of visa issued by the Consulate General of Italy in Lagos, submitted by a Nigerian applicant, whose visa was refused by the Italian consulate.

The applicant, represented in the court by Mr. Luca Santaniello (Italian lawyer) contested the decision of the Italian consulate for three main reasons:

1) the lack of "investigation". The italian officers (also the embassy's officers) have the obligation to contact the applicant before to issue a negative act, inviting him to show other documents or make some clarifications;

2) the motivation indicated in the refusal letter ("the information submitted regarding the justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay are not reliable") was insufficient, because standard and generic;

3) the excess of power, because the consulate refused the visa, despite the applicant demonstrated to have all requirements.

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