Protection orders against family abuse in Italy

Restraining orders under the Italian Civil Code

Protection orders against family abuse in Italy









According to Italian Civil Code, when the conduct of a spouse or other relative is a cause of serious damage for the physical and moral integrity or the freedom of the other spouse or other relative, the judge, if the act does not constitute a criminal offense prosecuted ex officio, may adopt one or more measures at the request of the injured person.

The court can order the person that has the violent conduct, to terminate that conduct and can order his expulsion from the family house. If necessary, the court can order the person to stay away from places that the injured person usually frequents.

If necessary, the judge may also order the intervention of local social services, centers of family mediation and associations that help women, children and all victims of family abuse.

The court may order the periodic payment of a check for the persons that, as a result of the mentioned measures, are left without adequate means. If necessary, the court can order that the amount is paid directly to the claimant by the employer of the person that has a violent conduct (deducting from his remuneration).

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