Joint Custody of children in Italy

The shared custody according to Italian Law

Joint Custody of children in Italy









Pursuant to new Article 155 of Italian Civil Code, in the case of separation of parents, the child has the right to maintain an equable and continuous relationship with each of them, to receive care and education from both and to maintain a good relationship with the families of both parents.

To this end, the judge that pronounces the separation of the spouses, shall take all measures concerning children with sole reference to their moral and material interest. The judge assesses the possibility that the children remain assigned to both parents or decide to which of them the children will be entrusted. He also determines the timing and manner of their life with each parent and how the parents must contribute to their maintenance, care and education.

Parental authority is exercised by both parents. The most important decisions concerning education and health are taken by both parents, but when they are in disagreement, the decision is taken by the judge.

Unless otherwise agreed between the parties, each parent provides for the maintenance of the children in proportion to own income; if necessary, the judge shall order the payment of a periodic check.

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