Lawyers in Italy: the banns of marriage

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Lawyers in Italy: the banns of marriage









Pursuant to Article 93 of the Italian Civil Code, the celebration of the marriage must be preceded by the banns made ​​by the officer of civil status.

The publication consists to affix in the town hall's offices a public announcement with the name, surname and date of birth of the spouses.

The aim of banns is to bring to the public's attention the couple's intention to marry and to allow people (who are entitled) to make any opposition to the marriage.

The publication must be requested by both spouses to the civil registrar of the municipality where one of the spouses has residence. The request must contain the name and surname, date and place of birth, citizenship, place of residence, the absence of impediments to marriage and if the spouses have already contracted previous marriage.

Pursuant to Article 98 of the Civil Code, the registrar may refuse banns if he considers that there are not conditions for marriage or the documentation presents deficiencies. The refusal can be appealed before the court.

A foreigner who wants to marry in Italy must present to the civil registrar a declaration of the competent authority of his country (generally a consulate) that according to the laws of his country there is no impediment to marriage.

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