The alimony in Italy

Italian Family Law about aliment and financial provisions.

The alimony in Italy









Alimony is the legal obligation on a person to provide economic assistance to the person who is in a state of economic need, even for own guilt. These obligations are part of the duties of family solidarity.

Pursuant to Article 433 of Italian Civil Code, people forced to alimony are:

1) the spouse

2) the legitimate, natural and adopted children

3) the parents or, in their absence, the ascending

4) sons and daughter-in-law

5) parents-in-law

6) brothers and sisters

The aliment can only be claimed by the person who is in a state of need and isn't able to provide for itself.
The aliment must be assigned in proportion to the needs, economic conditions and social position of the person. They shall not exceed what is necessary for the life of the person.

Pursuant Article 443, the person forced to the aliment obligation, has the choice to fulfill it by a periodical maintenance allowance, or accepting and maintaining the person in his own home. The court may, however, under the circumstances, determine the way to administer the aliment.

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