Denial of paternity in Italy

The action to disavowal paternity under the Italian Civil Code.

Denial of paternity in Italy









Pursuant to Article 244 of Italian Civil Code, the mother can ask for the denial of paternity within six months of the child's birth.

The father may disavow a child within one year of child's birth if, at the time of birth, he was in the place where the child was born; if he wasn't in the place where the child was born, he can disavow the child from the day of his return to that place or where the family's home is located.

In any case, if he can prove that he ignored the birth, the period for the action to disavowal the paternity runs from the day that he knows about the birth.

The action of denial of paternity may be asked by the child, within any limit of time. If the child is minor of age, the action can be asked by a guardian ad litem or the public prosecutor.

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