Appeal against the European Union restrictive measures.

Freezing of assets, economic sanctions, restrictions on admission.

Appeal against the European Union restrictive measures.









European Union can take restrictive measures against terrorism, nuclear proliferation activities, human rights violations, annexation of foreign territory, deliberate destabilisation of a sovereign country.

There are several kinds of restrictive measures:
- arms embargoes;
- restrictions on admission of listed persons (travel ban). Targeted persons cannot enter the EU, or travel beyond their member state of nationality if they are an EU citizen;
- freezing of assets belonging to listed persons or entities. All their assets in the EU are frozen and EU persons and entities cannot make any funds available to those listed;
- economic sanctions or restrictions concerning specific sectors of economic activity, including import or export bans on certain goods, investment bans, prohibitions on supplying certain services etc.

Persons and entities subject to an asset freeze or travel restrictions are notified of the measures that have been taken against them:
individually by letter if their address is available;
by means of a notice published by the Council in the "C" Series of the Official Journal of the European Union.

Listed persons and entities may submit a request to the Council in order to review the decision against them. They also can appeal the Council's decision before the General Court of the European Union, according to the Article 275 and Article 263 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.

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