Study visa appeal in Italy for British students.

How to appeal against a student visa refusal issued by the Italian consulates in UK.

Study visa appeal in Italy for British students.

If you are a British student and you have received a visa refusal from the Italian embassy in UK, you can appeal against the unfair refusal.

Many time the denials of Italian embassies are annulled by the Regional Administrative Court of Lazio (T.A.R. del Lazio), because issued in violation of Italian and European Union Laws. In fact, all visa applications deposited in the Italian consulates must be processed according a specific procedure. 

The decision to refuse a student visa must be in writing and Italian consulate must motivate its decison. But many refusals are issued without any concrete reason, despite the applicants demonstrate to have all the requirements for a study visa.

Against the refusals of the Italian embassy and consulate, British applicants can appeal to the Regional Administrative Court of Lazio, based in Rome, through an Italian lawyer. The assistance of an Italian lawyer is required by law. Only the Italian lawyers can make the appeal against the visa refusal, the applicant cannot appeal personally and the British lawyers are not authorized to appeal the Italian refusals.

The appeal must be submitted within 60 days from the date of notification of the refusal.

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