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International parental kidnapping in Italy.









The international parental kidnapping has become a real plague, whose effects have a devastating impact on the children, who are victims of the disputes between their parents. The separation of the parents is always a traumatic event for a child, especially if he becomes the main object of contention. For this reason many countries, including Italy, provide for shared custody, as well as a series of solutions that allow to the child to attend and maintain family relationships with both parents.

However, if the parents live in two different countries (in many cases they also have different nationalities), or one of them intends to relocate to another country, the event of separation can be even more traumatic, because if both parents want the custody of children, it will be very difficult to reach an agreement.

Generally, the child is abducted by the parent who has not the right of custody or is afraid to lose this right, so he brings the child abroad (generally in his country, where he thinks to have more protection, because his nationality).

In Italy, the international Child Abduction is a criminal offense, even when committed by a parent. However, a criminal complaint not always produces its effects. The best way to ask the rempatriation of the child is the application under the 1980 Hague Convention on the civil aspects of international child abduction. In fact, once the foreign parent have asked the application of the Hague Convention and the immediate rempatriation of his child, the Italian court must take a decision quickly. 

Santaniello & Partners is an Italian Law Firm experienced in international law. We have assisted and currently represent many foreign parents in international parental kidnapping cases and child custody disputes in Italy.  We have helped parents from Canada, U.S., United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, Australia, South Africa, Japon and others, to have back their children.

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