Sponsorship contract in Italy.

Sponsorship agreements according to Italian Law.

Sponsorship contract in Italy.









The sponsorship is a contract by which one party (called sponsored or sponsee) undertakes to allow to the other party (called the sponsor) the use of its image and name to promote a brand or a product, taking a fee as compensation. Therefore, the sponsor pays the sponsored to associate its brand to the activity, the name or image of the sponsored, in order to have direct or indirect commercial advantages. The sponsorship contract is generally signed in the fields of sport, culture and television. 

The Italian law doesn't regulate the sponsorship contract directly in the Civil Code, but in different laws. For example, in the field of television and radio shows, the law no. 223 of 1990 allows the funding of TV and Radio programs by public or private companies; the legislative decree n. 300 of 2004 prohibits any form of sponsorship of tobacco products.

About the obligations of the two parties, generaly the sponsee agrees to have no behavior that may harm the reputation of the sponsor or cause any damage to its identity and activity.

Moreover, in a sponsorship contract are also included the following clauses: pre-emption clause which provides for the obligation of the sponsee to grant a preference, on equal terms, to the sponsor at the time of contract's renewal; adaptation clause which has the function to increase or decrease the obligation of the sponsor in relation to the results of the work carried out by the sponsee; insurance clause, which serves to cover the risk of any economic difficulties of the sponsee.

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