Non-compete clause in the distribution contract in Italy.

The non-competition covenant between supplier and distributor under the Italian Law.

Non-compete clause in the distribution contract in Italy.









In the distribution contract, supplier and distributor may agree a non-compete clause (or non-competition covenant) that regulates the activity of the distributor during and after the termination of the contract. Accepting the non-compete clause, the distributor agrees not to carry out a similar activity in favor of other suppliers during the term of the contract and after the termination of the contract.

Therefore, it represents a restriction on the freedom of economic initiative of the distributor in order to avoid damages to the supplier.

The non-competition covenant must be evidenced in writing. Italian law doesn't require that the non-competition covenant is included in the distribution agreement, because the parties could agree that clause even after.

The non-compete clause is valid only if limited to a specific area or to a particular activity, but it can not exceed a period of five years. If the duration of the non-competition covenant is not determined or it is established for a period exceeding five years, the covenant is valid for a period of five years.

The non-compete covenant is valid even when a fee for the non-competition was not agreed by the parties (as is the case of most distribution contracts in Italy, that don't establish a compensation). There is no obligation to establish a clause of non-competition in the distribution contract in Italy, but generally the supplier always requires that clause in order to protect its business.

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