Distribution contract in Italy.

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Distribution contract in Italy.









In Italy, the distribution contract is not regulated by any specific law. Unlike other types of commercial contracts, it has not been provided by the Civil Code. For this reason it is defined as an atypical contract. 

This doesn't mean that the Italian legal system does not allow this kind of contract. The lack of a specific law has been filled with the use of some elements of similar contracts, such as the mandate or agency contract, but also the judgements of the Italian courts have provided, over the years, a general notion of the distribution agreement. 

This situation has made the distribution agreement as the most open contract, with which the parties are not obliged to follow a particular type and can freely agree. Indeed, the distribution agreement is one of the most commonly used contracts in business relationships in Italy, not only between Italian traders, but also when the distributors or suppliers are foreign companies.

Anyway, some contract's elements are always present in a distribution contract, such as the exclusivity clause, the non-competition covenant, the obligations of the supplier, the rights of the distributor, the conditions for termination of the contract, etc.

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