Italian lawyers for Turkish companies in Italy.

Legal assistance for Turks in Italy.

Italian lawyers for Turkish companies in Italy.









Santaniello & Partners is an Italian law firm, based in San Giovanni Square, one of the largest squares of the Rome's center. We are all English speaking lawyers and we practice law before all over the Italian territory.

We assist and represent companies from Turkey in all issues of Italian Laww about:

- Recognition and Enforcement of Turkish judgments in Italy;
- Italian Company Law;
- Business Law;
- Drafting of Italian and international contracts;
- Distribution contract;
- Non-compete clauses;
- Contract of agency between Turkish and Italian companies;
- Sponsorship contract;
- Termination of contract;
- Non-perfomance and notice to comply;
- Debt collection in Italy;
- Claims for loss and damage;
- Immigration Law;
- Corporate crimes
- Appeal before the Regional Administrative Court of Lazio (T.A.R. del Lazio).

If you are a Turkish company and you need legal assistance on Italian Law, please contact Lawyers in Italy.

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