Italian Lawyers for Pakistani in Italy

Legal assistance for Pakistani citizens in Italy

Italian Lawyers for Pakistani in Italy









We are an Italian law firm, based in Rome, Italy. We are authorized to practice before all the courts of Italy, including the Court of Cassation (supreme court of Italy). 

We assist and represent Pakistani citizens and companies in the following matters:

- International law;
- European Union Law;
- Claims for damages;
- Personal injuries;
- Fatal car accident in Italy;
- Disasters Law (collapse of infrastructure, aviation and marittime disasters);
- Liability of the Italian government and public administration;
- Terrorism's victims;
- Human Rights;
- Complaints and petitions to the United Nations;
- Immigration Law in Italy;
- Expulsion, travel ban, Schengen Information System (SIS);
- Appeals at Administrative Court (TAR del Lazio) against visa refusals (tourism, business, work, study);
- Appeals at Civil Court against family visa refusals

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