Discrimination in Italy.

Equal treatment between persons irrespective of race and ethnic origin.

Discrimination in Italy.









The Italian Law n. 215 of July 9, 2003, gives the provisions relating to the implementation of equal treatment between persons irrespective of racial or ethnic origin, establishing the necessary measures to ensure that differences of race or ethnic origin don't cause any kind of discrimination.

Equal treatment means the absence of any discrimination based on racial or ethnic origin.

Discrimination can be direct or indirect. Direct discrimination occurs when, for racial or ethnic origin, a person is treated less favorably than other people, while the indirect discrimination occurs when a rule, criterion, practice, act, pact or behavior would put people of a particular race or ethnic origin in a situation of disadvantage compared with other persons.

The principle of equal treatment irrespective of race and ethnic origin applies to all persons in both the public and private sectors and is susceptible of judicial protection in the following areas:
- access to employment, both autonomous and dependent, including selection criteria and recruitment conditions;
- employment and working conditions, including career advancement, remuneration and conditions of dismissal;
- access to all types and levels of training, including practical work experience;
- affiliation and activities in organizations of workers, employers or other professional organizations and services provided by those organizations;
- social protection, including social security;
- health care;
- social benefits;
- education;
- access to goods and services.

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