Country: Italy Italy

Population: 60.702.570

Capital: Rome

Form of Government: Parliamentary Republic

Official Language: Italian

Currency: Euro

Time Zone: UTC +1

Santaniello & Partners in Italy

Italy is the eighth largest economy in the world. Member of G8, Italy is also a founding member of the European Union, NATO, Council of Europe, OECD and it is signatory country of the most important international conventions on human rights, justice, security, trade, environment, culture, scientific research and more.

The Italian economy, compared to other industrialized countries, is characterized by a wide diffusion of small and medium-sized family-owned companies. Advanced and diversified, it is developed in manufacturing, steelworks, food processing, motors, art, design and fashion, as well as in the tertiary sector, especially in services and tourism (Italy has the highest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is one of the most visited countries in the world). Italian companies are the most active in international trade (Italy is the eighth exporting country in the world) and their products are known and appreciated around the world. Moreover, the high quality and standards of life make Italy one of the largest and most coveted markets in the world (it is the seventh importing country).
Italian is the official language, but English, French and Spanish are fairly spoken. In Italy there are many foreign communities: immigrants from Africa, Latin America, India, Pakistan, China, as well from European countries are part of Italian society.

The Italian Law is the natural heir of the ancient Roman Law; it is a civil law system, codified and devoid of religious rules (religions are protected in Italy as an expression of the religious freedom and secular state, but they don't discipline or condition any Italian legal institution). Moreover, customary rules and unwritten principles are very few, even if they are sources of Italian law. In fact, the regulatory gaps are filled by the law and questions of interpretation or legitimacy are resolved by superior courts. Over the years, this frequent regulation has caused many problems of interpretation and understanding about the rules of Italian Law, especially for foreign citizens and companies living or working in Italy. Family law, child protection, Commercial Law or Tax Law, are examples of areas of law where these differences and problems show their intensity.

At Santaniello & Partners, through our main office in Rome and a wide network of collaborators all over the Country, we are able to provide a full legal assisance to foreign companies operating or wishing to operate in Italy and to foreign citizens in civil or criminal law matters. Our attorneys are admitted to practice before all Italian First Instance and Appeal Courts. Our working languages ​​are: Italian, English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Chinese.

Our areas of practice in Italy:

Private International Law
Enforcement of foreign judgments in Italy
Enforcement of Italian judgments abroad
Commercial Law
Maritime and Transport Law
Corporate Law
Setting-up foreign companies
Trademarks, Patents and Intellectual Property
Business China, India, Brazil
Foreign Investment
Tax Law
Real Estate and Construction Law
Private Law
Family Law
Child Custody Disputes
International Adoptions
International Wills
Immigration and Emigration
Residence permits in EU countries
Criminal Law
Prison Law
Assistance for prisoners abroad
Legal Translations

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