International wills in Italy

Washington Convention on International wills and its application in Italy

International wills in Italy









The Washington Convention of 1973 on International Will entered into force in Italy with Law N. 387 of November 29, 1990. This Convention states that the presence of the formal requirements laid down by Convention, guarantees (in terms of the form) the validity of the will, regardless of where it was made, the location of assets, nationality, residence or domicile of the testator.

Therefore the will of a foreigner made abroad is valid in Italy, as well as a testament made by an Italian in Italy is valid in other Contracting State of the Convention. That's only when:

- the will is written. The will can be written in any language, by hand or by some other method;

- declaration of the testator (in presence of two witnesses) that the act contains his last will;

- signature of the will by the testator, or any other person on his behalf; 

- receipt of the declaration of the testator and of its signature, as well as the signature of the witnesses, by a person authorized under the laws of each Contracting State (a public notary in Italy).

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