Extradition between Italy and United States of America.

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Extradition between Italy and United States of America.









Italy and the United States signed a Treaty about extradition on 1983.

Pursuant the rules of the Treaty, the Contracting Parties agree to extradite to each other, persons whom the authorities of the Requesting Party have charged with or found guilty of an extraditable offense.

An offense, however denominated, shall be an extraditable offense only if it is punishable under the laws of both Contracting Parties by deprivation of liberty for a period of more than one year or by a more severe penalty. When the request for extradition relates to a person who has been sentenced, extradition shall be granted only if the duration of the penalty still to be served amounts to at least six months.

An offense shall also be an extraditable offense if it consists of an attempt to commit, or participation in the commission of an offense described above. Any type of association to commit offenses described above, as provided by the laws of Italy, and conspiracy to commit an offense, as provided by the laws of the United States, shall also be extraditable offenses.

When extradition has been granted for an extraditable offense, it shall also be granted for any other offense specified in the request even if the latter offense is punishable by less than one year's deprivation of liberty, provided that all other requirements for extradition are met. 

When an offense has been committed outside the territory of the Requesting Party, the Requested Party shall have the power to grant extradition if its laws provide for the punishment of such an offense or if the person sought is a national of the Requesting Party.

A Requested Party shall not decline to extradite a person because such a person is a national of the Requested Party.

Extradition shall not be granted when the offense for which extradition is requested is a political offense, or if the person whose surrender is sought proves that the request for surrender has been made in order to try or punish him or her for a political offense.

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