Drug Laws in Italy.

Conspiracy for illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances in Italy.

Drug Laws in Italy.









Pursuant the Italian Drug Law (Testo unico sulla droga), when three or more persons conspire to commit more offenses about the illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, who promotes, constitutes, directs, organizes or finances the criminal association is punished by imprisonment for not less than twenty years. 

Who participates in the association is punished with imprisonment for not less than ten years. 

The punishment increases if the number of members of the criminal association is ten or more, or if the participants are people addicted to the use of drugs or psychotropic substances. 

If the association is armed, the punishment cannot be less than twenty-four years in prison (for the organizers of the association) and not less than twelve years for the other associates. 

The association is considered armed when the participants have availability of weapons or explosives, even if hidden or stored.

The penalties provided by the drug laws are decreased by half to two-thirds for whoever successfully provides evidences of the offense or to remove decisive resources for the commission of crimes.

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