European Convention on the Exercise of Children's Rights

The Strasbourg Convention of 1996

European Convention on the Exercise of Children's Rights









The European Convention on the Exercise of Children's Rights, signed on January 25, 1996 and entered into force in Italy on November 1, 2003, has the object to promote the rights of children, to grant them procedural rights and to facilitate the exercise of these rights by ensuring that children are, themselves or through other persons or bodies, informed and allowed to participate in proceedings affecting them before a judicial authority.

For the purposes of this Convention, the proceedings before a judicial authority affecting children are family proceedings, in particular those involving the exercise of parental responsibilities such as residence and access to children.

These rights of children are: 

- the right to be informed and to express their views in proceedings that concern them;

- the right to be informed of the possible consequences of these views and the consequences of any decision; 

- the right to appoint their own representative;

 - the right to apply to be assisted by an appropriate person of their choice in order to help them express their views;

- the right to apply themselves, or through other persons or bodies, for the appointment of a separate representative, in appropriate cases a lawyer.

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