Country: Turkey Turkey

Population: 78.785.548

Capital: Ankara

Form of Government: Parliamentary Republic

Official Language: Turkish

Currency: Turkish Lira

Time Zone: UTC +2

Santaniello & Partners in Turkey

Placed between Europe and Asia, Turkey is a member of the Council of Europe and has officially entered into negotiation with European Union since 2005, while a Customs Union Agreement with EU was signed on 1999. Strategic center for international trade between East and West, Turkey is also a founding member of OECD and G20. The last economic and social reforms led to a reduction of inflation and unemployment, an increase in national and foreign investments, a reduction of state controls and taxes on trade, as well as a process of privatization that made Turkey a medium industrial power. 
Turkish is the official language, but English is spoken enough, especially in big cities. The country's political capital is Ankara. Anyway Istanbul,
the only city in the world that belongs to two continents, is the most important industrial, financial and cultural center of Turkey.
The Turkish Law is a Civil Law System, very close to modern European Laws and, though Islam is the dominant religion in the Country, Turkey is a secular State. This means absence of ecclesiastical rules regulating private relationships and trade agreements. However, some legal institutions of Turkish Law have their roots in the ancient rights of Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, therefore foreigners could have some problems in understanding and interpretating the most simple rules of Turkish Law (for example
in Turkey, unlike what happens in the most of EU countries, the foreigner does not acquire usufruct, surface or dwelling rights on realty or else the honour plays a key role in the discipline of divorce).

Santaniello & Partners has collaborative relationships with leading Turkish law firms, through which we are able to offer a full legal advice in commercial, civil and criminal law.

Our areas of practice in Turkey:

Administrative Law
Commercial Law
Corporate Law
Bankruptcy law
Competition Law
Trademarks, Patents and Intellectual Property
Foreign Investment
Tax Law
Labour Law
Insurance Law
Arbitration and ADR
Real Estate and Construction Law
Private Law
Family Law
Criminal Law
Prison Law
Legal Translation