Country: Serbia Serbia

Population: 7,120,666

Capital: Belgrade

Form of Government: Parliamentary Republic

Official Language: Serbian

Currency: Serbian Dinar

Time Zone: UTC +1

Santaniello & Partners in Serbia

The most important of the six former Yugoslav Republics, Serbia is now a sovereign and independent State, member of the Council of Europe and official candidate for accession to the European Union. Left behind the dark years of ethnic conflicts, tensions and fights with its neighbors, Serbia is having an excellent period of growth and development so as to be counted among the emerging economies of the world.

New Europeanist policies, domestic stability, big spaces and the labor's cost lower than the most developed European countries have made Serbia an ideal area for massive industrial investments that determined an increase of employment and consumption (for example the Italian group Fiat has moved the production of the models Punto - Zastava 10 and 500L in Serbia).

Serbian is the official language, but Italian, German and English are quite spoken thanks to the presence of foreign companies in the Country.

The Law of Serbia is a civil law system, but still almost influenced by the Socialist experience of Yugoslavia, especially in the terminology and doctrine.

Santaniello & Partners has collaborative relationships with leading Serbian law firms, through which we are able to offer a full legal advice in commercial, civil and criminal law, as well as in arbitration proceedings which take place in Serbia or in other former Yugoslav Republics (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro).

Our areas of practice are:

Administrative Law
Commercial Law
Corporate Law
Industrial Law
Trademarks, Patents, Intellectual Property
Bankruptcy law
European Union Law
Sports Law
Arbitration and ADR
Tax Law
Customs law
Labour Law
Foreign Investment
Insurance Law
Real Estate and Construction Law
Private Law
Family Law
Immigration and Emigration
Criminal Law
Penitentiary law
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