Country: Peru Peru

Population: 29.216.405

Capital: Lima

Form of Government: Presidential Republic

Official Language: Spanish

Currency: Nuevo Sol

Time Zone: UTC -5

Santaniello & Partners in Peru

Peru is one of the emerging economies of South America. Rich in minerals and bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean in one of its most abundant fishing stretch, Peru is having an economic growth rate of 7%, becoming the second fastest emerging economy in South America, after Brazil. The country’s impressive economic development, due mainly to the mining industry (gold, silver, iron, copper, coal, lead, zinc and oil too) and fishing, has also fortified other sectors of the economy including real estate investment and tourism sector. In addition, its location between the Pacific Ocean and Brazil makes Peru a real bridge between the Brazilian market the largest in South America, and Asia. For this reason, as the first purpose of the new Peruvian President, Ollonta Humala is to strengthen the Peru’s role as a part of the transcontinental trade, investments over 40 billion dollars are expected during the next ten years.

Santaniello & Partners has collaborative relationships with leading Peruvian law firms, through which we are able to offer a full legal advice in commercial, civil and criminal law. 

Our areas of practice are:

Administrative Law
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Mining Law
Corporate Law
Foreign Investment
Bankruptcy law
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Tax Law

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Family Law
Human Rights
Immigration and Emigration
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