Mr. Andrea Santonicola

Mr. Andrea Santonicola

Country: Italy

Date of Birth: 08-03-1984

Languages: Italian, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese

Bio & Areas of Expertise

Graduated in Languages ​​and Cultural Models of the West from University of Salerno and specializing in Science of Language, History and Culture of the Arab-Islamic and Mediterranean countries, Mr. Andrea Santonicola can speak 8 languages​​: English, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese and Japanese. For his remarkable language skills and his ability as a cultural mediator, in 2008 he joined the humanitarian mission in Africa led by Agape (an Italian non-profit organization) for the realization of some infrastructure works in the State of Malawi. In 2009 he went to Tunisia to widen his knowledge of Arabic at the Bourghiba Institute. In the same year he won a scholarship offered by Confucius Institute of Naples' University "L'Orientale", for a semester of study at Zhengzhou University in China where he widened his knowledge of Chinese. He has worked in Italy and abroad, for many law firms, providing technical support in interpretation's matters concerning legal systems not usually easy to understand, as the Chinese or the Islamic law. Now he directs the legal translations department of Santaniello & Partners, attending the phases of negotiation and mediation, the drafting of contracts, letters of intent and judicial acts, in the different languages ​​within his competence.