Lawyer Saul Jaramillo Escobar

Lawyer Saul Jaramillo Escobar

Country: Panama

Date of Birth: 06-06-1982

Bar Association: Panamian Bar Association

Languages: Spanish, English, Portoguese, Italian

Bio & Areas of Expertise

Graduated in Law and Political Science from University of Panama in 2007, Mr. Escobar has worked as Director of the Traffic Department of Justice and Legal Affairs Division of Panama City's mayoralty until 2011. Expert in administrative, commercial and transport law, Saul currently works as a lawyer in the Banking District of Panama City and represents an important reference point for foreign companies in Panama and Central America. Fluent in 4 languages, he loves volunteering, politics and soccer.

His practice areas are:

Maritime and Transport Law
Administrative Law
Commercial Law
Corporate Law
Private Interest Foundations
Labour Law
Trademarks, Patents and Intellectual Property
Real Estate and Construction Law
Environmental Law
Immigration Law
Private Law
Family Law
Criminal Law