Lawyer Saif al Safri

Lawyer Saif al Safri

Country: Yemen

Date of Birth: 05-08-1975

Bar Association: Emirates Bar Association

Languages: Arabic, English

Bio & Areas of Expertise

Graduated from the University of Aden (Yemen) in 1999, Mr. Saif al Safri is a Yemeni lawyer who practices law in Dubai and other Arabian Gulf countries, including Yemen, Qatar and Bahrain. Specialized in commercial and insurance law, Mr. Saif represents and assists foreign companies and citizens who operate or intend to operate in the Gulf Area. He is also an intermediary and mediator between Western companies and investment funds of UAE, Qatar and Bahrain.

His practice areas are:

Islamic Law
Commercial Law

Corporate Law
Navigation and Transport
Customs Law
Tax Law
Jebel Ali Port
Foreign Investment
Trademarks, Patents and Intellectual Property
Insurance Law
Investment Funds
Real Estate and Construction Law
Labour Law
Immigration, residence permits
Private Law
Compensation for injury and death
Brain and spinal cord injuries
Family Law
Criminal Law