Italian attorneys for compensation claims in Italy.

Compensation for damages in Italy.

Italian attorneys for compensation claims in Italy.









According to Italian law, the person who causes unfair damage (such as an injury, economic loss, detriment, disservice, etc) to another person, is obliged to compensate all damages. It is a general principle that finds application in many areas of law, such as traffic accidents, medical liability, commercial contracts, etc. 

Any person who willfully or negligently causes damages to another person must indemnify the damaged. In order to be obligated to pay compensations, it is not necessary to have acted intentionally, but it is enough that the damage was caused by own fault (this is what usually happens in road accidents). 

According to Italian law, the damage can be of different types, such as property damage, lost profits, consequential damages, moral damages, existential damage, etc. For this reason, the procedure to obtain compensation for damages changes according to the damage's kind and the context in which it caused. 

Also the deadlines to apply for compensation are different, therefore it is always recommended the advice of an attorney experienced in compensation claims to avoid losing the right to compensation.

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