Country: India India


Capital: New Delhi

Form of Government: Federal Parliamentary Republic

Official Language: Hindi, English

Currency: Indian Rupee

Time Zone: UTC +5:30

Santaniello & Partners in India

India is the largest democratic country in the world and  the fourth largest economy with reference to purchasing power. It is one of the most attractive destinations for business and investment opportunities, thanks to the enormous labor supply, many natural resources and the economic policies developed over the years. In fact social and economic reforms, started in 1991 giving rise to a process of liberalization in different sectors of the economy, have been providing to foreign investor a favorable environment where to do business. English, with Hindi, is the official language of the country, which makes more decisive the role played by India in the global economy. However, because of its enormous size that makes India a subcontinent in Asia,  foreign businessman is not always able to have access to necessary information and assistance to achieve his business goals or meet his needs. Moreover, the Indian legal system, influenced by British Colonial period, is based on the Anglo-Saxon common law, but at the same time, many legal institutions are inspired by modern European legal systems and the U.S. common law. These different influences sometimes make difficult to understand and interpret some of the most basic principles of Indian law, which are the basis of private and commercial relationships in India.

Santaniello & Partners has collaborative relationships with leading Indian law firms, through which we are able to offer a full legal advice in commercial, civil and criminal law.

Our areas of practice in India: 

Administrative Law
Commercial Law
Corporate Law
Trademarks, Patents and Intellectual Property
Navigation and Transport
Customs Law
Tax Law
Arbitration and ADR
Private Law
Family Law
International Adoptions
Human Rights
Immigration, Residence Permits
Asylum and refugee status
Criminal Law
Prison Law
Legal Translations