Filipino citizen dies in a car accident in Rome.

Two other Filipino citizens injured in the accident caused by a minor without driving license.

Filipino citizen dies in a car accident in Rome.









A Filipino woman of 44 years old died yesterday in Rome, because a violent car accident. She was living in Italy with her family.

In the accident two other Filipinos were injured, as well as a French and an Italian woman. The two Filipinos were transported to hospital in serious condition.

The incident occurred on Wednesday night, in Boccea, a northern neighborhood of Rome. The victims were waiting at the bus stop, when a car has fallen on them at breakneck speed. The car was driven by a minor without driving license. 

The driver was arrested on the night and will be tried for murder and serious injury. Two other minors were with him and also they were arrested by the police.

According to Italian law, the driver will be tried by the juvenile court, because of his age. While the compensation claims of the victims and their relatives can be filed also against the insurance company of the car. If the car was not insured, the victims and their relatives can claim compensation to the Guarantee Fund for road accident victims.

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