Enforcement of Lebanese judgments in Italy.

Italian lawyers for Lebanese in Italy.

Enforcement of Lebanese judgments in Italy.









Pursuant the Convention between Italy and Lebanon signed at Beirut on 1970, the judgments delivered by the judicial authorities in Italy or Lebanon, in civil and commercial matters, have the effect of res judicata in the territory of the other country, if they meet the following conditions: 

a) the decision was delivered by a competent judicial authority in accordance with the Convention, except for express waiver by the parties;

b) the losing party has appeared or been duly summoned. However, if the losing party is not in the territory of the State in which the decision is delivered, the hearing date shall not be less than ninety days;

c) the decision has acquired the effects of res judicata in accordance with the law of the country in which it was delivered;

d) the decision is not contrary to the public order and any judgment delivered in the country in where the enforcement is sought;

e) in the country requested, there isn't a previous case pending between the same parties on the same subject.

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