Country: Egypt Egypt

Population: 77.505.756

Capital: Cairo

Form of Government: Presidential Republic

Official Language: Arabic

Currency: Egyptian pound

Time Zone: UTC +2

Santaniello & Partners in Egypt

Egypt is the most important country in North Africa. Its cities are authentic open-air museums and have ancient history and culture. Independent since 1936, Egypt suffered, over the centuries, different dominations and military occupations by foreign empires and armies, last in order of time, France of Napoleon Bonaparte and United Kingdom, which transformed the country in a British Protectorate. Even Suez Canal's construction was influenced by France and England.

or these reasons, even if Arabic is the official language of the country, English and French are spoken by many Egyptians and the legal system is inspired by modern European ones. We can describe the Egyptian Law as a civil law system, except for family matters and person's status, where some religious rules apply. 

However, the last political and social events have undermined the stability of the country causing uncertainty about the safeguard of civil and political rights, the respect of trade agreements, the protection of property and more.

Santaniello & Partners has collaborative relationships with leading Egyptian law firms, through which we are able to offer a full legal advice in commercial, civil and criminal law.

Our areas of practice in Egypt:

Navigation and Transport
Commercial Law
Corporate Law
Trademarks, Patents and Intellectual Property
Foreign Investment
Labour Law
Tax Law
Insurance Law
Real Estate and Construction Law
Enforcement of foreign judgments in Egypt
Arbitration and ADR
Private Law

Family Law
Human Rights
Immigration and Emigration
Residence permits in EU Countries
Criminal Law
Prison Law
Legal Translation

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