Attorneys for Canadian companies in Italy.

Legal services by Italian lawyers.

Attorneys for Canadian companies in Italy.









Santaniello & Partners is an Italian full-service law firm, based in Rome.

Our lawyers are all English speaking professionals and authorized to practice law before all over the Italian territory.

We provide full legal assistance to Canadian companies on:

- Enforcement of Canadian judgments in Italy;
- Italian Company Law;
- Italian and international Business Law;
- Drafting of Italian and international contracts;
- Distribution contracts;
- Non-compete clauses;
- Agency contract between Canadian and Italian companies;
- Sponsorship contracts;
- Notices to comply for non-performance;
- Debts collection in Italy;
- Claims for damage;
- Immigration Law;
- Tax and Custom Law;
- Corporate and business crimes;
- Money laundering;
- Appeals before TAR of Lazio (the Regional Administrative Court of Lazio):
- Appeal before European Court of Strasbourg.

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